Roots In Ego Spends a Year in the Voxels Metaverse

Roots in Ego is a cinematic masterpiece that has been enthralling visitors to the Voxels realm for the past 12 months in its mini-cinema. The Metaverse has been showing the short drama and comedy film Kristina Weiserova for over a year and is still receiving wild reviews.

This is the story of Natalie who is a young woman trying to figure her life. There are many bad decisions, as is the case with young adults. She eventually ends up falling for the wrong person which eventually leads to her ruin.

Kristina chose to screen her film in Voxels, a space where visitors can use a cursor to enter a cinema. It is similar to a movie theatre, with paintings on the walls and seating. The cursor can be moved around to create a fully immersive experience. Voxels allows users to create their own films, own virtual land and build upon it.

What the Success of Crypto Voxels Movie “Root In Ego” Means for The Film Industry

This movie’s success is a glimpse into the future for independent filmmakers. It gives them a platform to tell their stories. Film3 allows independent filmmakers or artists to launch their projects in the Metaverse using NFTs.

NFTs are funding movies is a rising trend that is becoming very popular. Spike Lee and Kevin Smith have used non-fungible funds in recent years to fund their films and increase engagement. Miguel Faus, an independent director, has seen Calladita, his NFT-funded movie, win high praises.

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