Seedify, Premier Launchpad and Incubator, Presents The Mounts of Seedworld NFT Collection

Seedifyis a notable incubator and launchpad in the crypto industry. Through access to funding, community building and partnership building, they empower innovators and developers. They also provide a support system that helps bring top blockchain games, NFTs, metaverses, and NFTs to its community through events called IGOs or Initial Gaming Offerings. Seedify is also exploring AI-related projects IDOs (Initial Devix Offerings).

Seedify launched more than 50 IGO projects successfully and entered the NFT space, with an NFT marketplace and launchpad that will bring new members to the community and new revenue-generating opportunities.

Seedify launched its native NFT token $SNFTS last year via an airdrop that reached nearly 60x (at its highest).

They are also bridging the Metaverse by revealing its 10k Steampunked-themed NFT collection, The Mounts. The Mounts will retail for 40 000 SNFTS. The mint will take places on 13 February 2023. All funds raised will be burnt.

The Mounts are the genesis vessels of their User Generated Material (UGC) Metaverse, also known as Seedworld.

Seedworld is a platform that provides the tools and foundation for players to build their own games and experiences. It focuses on user-generated content and terraforming tools as well as assets provided by Seedify Meta Studios. It also supports game designers with a talent market and academy for educational content. Seedworld has decentralised governance. Each land is managed by its participants. This allows for multiple levels of autonomous, decentralised organisations to be present throughout the platform.

The Mounts

The Mounts are the most important companions in Seedworld. They act as Ame-powered vehicles that allow characters to store more cargo, travel faster and even fly. There are three types genesis mounts with different benefits and utility:

There are five levels of rarity for Mounts: Common, Rare Epic Legendary and Mythic. Each Mount also has its own unique traits and allocations.


Nomads had to carry more than just their backpacks in the vast deserts of unknown lands. They needed them to find and keep more treasures. The genesis mounts have the fewest and most storage-efficient genesis mounts, but bloodmothers are the most rare and valuable.

These giant, steampunk-inspired cargo mounts can hold many resources and items. There are three types of Bloodmothers: 4-legged Bloodmothers that can be compared to a pickup truck, 6-legged Bloodmothers that can be compared to a cargo truck, and 8-legged Bloodmothers that can be compared to large cargo trucks. They can haul more loads if they have more legs.


Skyrider is essential to live in the deserts and lands of the Metaverse. Each comes with a water tank, and the ability of flying.

Skyriders, which are 1000x larger than a helicopter, are delicate and slow-flying, mosquito-like mounts that fly slowly. They can be used to transport water, collect it and sell it to others in the Metaverse or towns that need it.


The fastest genesis mount is Deathrunner. This mount is ideal for anyone who wants to travel through the Metaverse, discover distant ruins, and find precious treasures quickly. It’s a small, hound-like mount that is comparable to a motorcycle but has a low cargo capacity and a limited number of equipment sockets.

Its small size means it can easily enter any cave on the planet, and it can outrun all enemies and adversaries. You can also use Deathrunner as a special mount for scouting.

Pre-Metaverse Utilities

The Mounts will include pre-metaverse utilities, which will be crucial for shaping the future Seedworld.

  • Seedworld Discord will be locked for Mount NFT holders. There will be private rooms and events to facilitate networking and discussion about Metaverse and NFTs.
  • Mounts can be staked in order to generate Seedworld currency (Ame), and you can also earn up to 20 000 $SNFTS tokens by using their staking mechanism.
  • Mount NFT holders are eligible to participate in social media tasks that lead to rewards such as raffle tickets and more NFTs.
  • The community will decide upon tasks for co-creation and building. There is a mechanism to suggest new tasks and determine rewards and milestones through decentralised vote. Each Mount acts as one vote in Seedworld’s decision-making process. Other NFTs may be added in future.

Seedify is pushing boundaries and positioning itself to be the leader of innovation in the age of the Metaverse. They will continue to add story parts to the collection and create new utility concepts to increase the tokens’ value for their communities.

For more information about how you can participate in the sale on February 13, 2023, please refer to this article. Follow @SeedifyFund Twitter for the most recent announcements.

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