Slick Films Leverages NFTs to Fundraise New Documentary

Slick Films is an independent production company that Rachel Shenton, an Oscar-winning director, and Chris Overton will use NFTs to fund its new documentary. “Sticks and Shelter” is a documentary that follows Mick Donnovan’s life as a recovering addict and former professional drummer.

Donnovan lives at the Macari Centre, which is a non-profit organisation that aims to end homelessness in Stoke-on-Trent. Lou Macari, a former Manchester United legend, runs the Macari Centre, which houses approximately 50 people and provides shelter and meals. In the UK, around 271,000 people are currently homeless. Shelter estimates that this number is due to economic difficulties in recent years.

Sticks and Shelter is an emotional story about hope and friendship. To fund the project, it turned to NFTs in order to raise PS50,000. Paus is a Web3 media platform that allows filmmakers to finance and distribute films with non-fungible tokens. NFT owners can participate in the initiative to get a share of the revenues. There are four tiers of NFT that unlock exclusive rewards and benefits.

Passionate Storytelling

Rachel Shenton says “Stoke-on-Trent often gets media attention for all of the wrong reasons.” She continues, “While Sticks & Shelter demonstrates addiction and loneliness don’t discriminate. It’s also a hopeful tale of friendship, love and music.”

Chris Overton also shares the same sentiment. He says that Sticks & Shelter’s greatest driving force was Micky’s renewed passion for music and drums. I hope that Mickey will have another chance .”

How to Fund Slick Films New Documentary

The actual fundraising will begin on January 30 th, and last for a short time. Users can join Paus by creating a crypto wallet and entering their username, email address, and location. Next, select the tier you wish to use and initiate the transaction. The first tier of ‘Supporter tier’ is 0.08ETH. The second tier of ‘Coexecutive Producers’ is 0.8ETH. The third tier of ‘Executive producer’ is 16 ETH and the fourth tier will be 0.4ETH. Each tier will have its own benefits, perks, and share of revenure.

About Paaus

Paus is a Web3 media firm that assists filmmakers to finance and distribute films through NFTs. Paus allows creators to monetize and engage in new, exciting ways with their communities.

About Slick Films

Slick Films has won Academy Awards for its independent production. The Silent Child, written and directed by Chris Overton by Rachel Shenton, won the Oscar in Best Live Action Short at The 90 th Academy Awards ceremony. They are joined by Mustapha Youhbi, who is a producer passionate about untold stories and unique voices and a frequent collaborator with Slick Films.

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