Solana NFT Standard Lines Up a Major Overhaul

Solana is set for some major changes. SharkyFi has revealed that a new NFT standard is coming to the Solana ecosystem. Solana will use programable NFTs to give greater control over assets, particularly when it comes down to royalties.

The Big Solana Switch

SharkyFi stated that the new NFT standard is a result of the Metaplex development team. This was in a Twitter thread on January 25, 2023.

This type of NFT protocol is fast becoming an industry standard. Many marketplaces, staking, and lending protocols support it. This standard allows creators the ability to decide which protocols their NFTs may interact with. Given the ongoing debate about royalties, it will likely be used quite extensively.

SharkyFi predicts that the majority of NFTs built on the Solana Blockchain will migrate to this standard in the next 30-60 days. They recommend that creators start making plans to migrate assets as soon as possible. Last year, royalties were a major topic. This development will likely continue.

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