SORARE Partners with Premier League

You can collect, trade, sell and buy officially licensed digital cards from all 20 Premier League clubs. Create your fantasy team to compete for big rewards

French startup Sorare has entered into a four-year licensing agreement with the Premier League. This is one of the most watched sports leagues in the world. Sorare, a fantasy-based gaming platform that uses non-fungible tokens to fund its operations, uses Ethereum blockchain technology to create unique trading cards for football players. Based on actual player performance, players can sell, buy, and earn points. Sorare raised $680 million in a Series A funding round. It also has partnerships with leagues such as LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A. Sorare users now have access the Premier League and all 20 clubs. Sorare has also partnered up with the MLB and NBA to offer more sports fans.

The Premier League’s 20 clubs have created digital cards that allow football fans to collect, trade, buy, and sell officially licensed digital cards. This allows them to build and compete with their own teams and win huge rewards.

    You can draft eight players from the dozens of professional leagues all over the globe, including Europe’s top leagues. To build your team, you can buy, trade, and scout digital player cards. Choose a five-aside team to compete in a series of twice-weekly competitions. Scores are determined by the performance of your players.

Richard Masters, the Premier League’s Chief Executive, stated that “the way fans follow their favorite teams and players is changing and the Premier League will always look for ways to engage and engage with them.” “Sorare’s innovative online game and digital cards offer a new way to connect with the Premier League, no matter where they are located. We consider Sorare the perfect partner for the Premier League. We look forward to working closely with them.”

The Premier League

The Premier League, the highest division of professional football in England, is widely considered to be one of the most competitive and successful leagues in the world. It was created in 1992 by a breakaway of the Football League First Division and has grown to be one of the most lucrative and well-known sporting competitions worldwide.

Premier League is made up of 20 teams that play 38 matches each over the course of a season. It runs from August through May. Each team plays their opponent twice: once at home and once away. The champion team is the one with the most points. The bottom three teams are relegated into the English Football League Championship, which is the second-tier division.

The Premier League is home to some of the most successful and powerful clubs in the world, such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The league attracts some of the most talented players around the globe, making it a showcase for the highest level of football talent.

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