Square Enix Joins Polygon for New NFT Game

Japan’s gaming giant is creating a new experience called “Symbiogenesis” on the Polygon blockchain

Square Enix will be launching its NFT gaming platform on the Polygon blockchain. The creator of Final Fantasy, among many other classics, will launch its first NFT-driven gaming experience in Spring.

Naoyuki Tamate, Symbiogenesis producer, stated in a statement that Symbiogenesis was built on blockchain technology and designed to offer an extraordinary experience for trading and community building.

“Square Enix chose to use Polygon’s fast transaction speeds, low gas costs, and general user-friendliness in order to offer this unique experience for Web3 fans.

Symbiogenesis is the NFT game

Square Enix was one of the first game developers to embrace blockchain and NFTs. The company announced last November that it would be building a new game on Ethereum. It will use NFTs to create characters and social media profiles. We discovered that the game will be set in an alternate world where players must unravel a mystery and make strategic decisions.

More details about the game are now available. We know for instance that the game will use the Ethereum sidechain, Polygon.

We also know that the game will be played on a floating continent, above the future Earth. The game will see society forced to pool their resources and join forces against a raging Dragon.


Polygon Labs has more

Polygon Labs, which is the development and growth team behind the decentralized Polygon protocol has announced that the game will feature 10,000 character NFTs.

Players will also be able trade NFTs among themselves in the game. To play the game, however, you don’t need an NFT.

Urvit Goel is vice president of global platforms and games business development at Polygon Labs. He believes that the partnership is important. He stated that Square Enix is a respected gaming company with a long track record of success.

“Our latest collaboration just shows that Web3 is steadily gaining more and more traction with the world’s top developers. It proves yet again that this innovative stack and the benefits it confers have huge potential in gaming.”

Symbiogenesis will be released in the spring. Stay tuned to find out more about Square Enix’s first NFT-based game on the blockchain.

NFT News Today: Square Enix joins Polygon to Create a New NFT Game

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