Steve Aoki and Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Join Forces

Shibuya will put a creative spin on storytelling and TV show development

February 1, 2023 – Steve Aoki, Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Steve Aoki (@SteveAoki), join forces with Shibuya(@Shibuyaxyz), to bring ReplicantX into an era of interactive storytelling. Aoki doesn’t just release content. She strives to build community and foster progress around every project. Aoki, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Shibuya are the partners in this new chapter.

The Dominion X stop motion short film, which was released in August 2021 and sold in less than seven seconds, is continuing. Now the duo has teamed up with Shibuya (@shibuyaxyz), a Web3 creator platform that aims to reimagine how long-form content is created. Fans will have direct influence on the next chapter of the Dominion X storyline by combining elements from choose your adventure with “Mad Libs” style improv.

ReplicantX NFT holders may vote for Dominion X Level 2 by staking their NFTs at This is the first stop-motion film to be co-directed with a group of NFT holders. The Stoopid Buddy team will create the short film over 6 weeks. Replicant X members can vote on each scene’s end every week in real-time.

Seth Green, co-founder of Stoopid Buddy and creator of Robot Chicken, said, “As creators, it’s exciting to have these new tools to allow fans right into the writers room so that they can participate in our creative process with us.” Replicant X’s approach is to maximize fan input and, more importantly, to create comedic sequences we wouldn’t have thought up on our own.” – Seth Green

“We are excited to see the first stop-motion film co-directed jointly by a community NFT holders come into life,” said Emily Yang CEO Shibuya. ReplicantX, a web3-enabled interactive content platform, is one example of how our platform can help bridge the gap between creators & communities.

Voters will be rewarded for their participation by receiving a memorial NFT at the end. The rarity of each voter’s participation will vary. This collaboration allows Web3 users to contribute to the creation of animated series. This exercise in community co-creation is facilitated by Web3 technology. It features the amazing visuals of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios as well as Aoki’s infectious music.

Character X is my web3 ambassador since his debut in my first NFT collection. His journey through web3 has been similar to mine, with surprise appearances in other NFTcollections and a blockchain short film. “I am thrilled to be working alongside Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Seth Green, as we guide Character X through the next evolution into Replicant X. Bringing the community along for this ride.” – Steve Aoki

ReplicantX NFTs are required for voting. However, content on Shibuya’s platform will be available to all users at no cost. You don’t have to miss the chance to get involved in the fun.

ABOUT Replicant X

ReplicantX is a PFP Collection that will serve as Aoki’s mascot while he establishes himself in the NFT World. The collection is a derivative of Dominion X and will include animated loops featuring original Aoki beats. It will allow viewers to participate in the gamified storytelling that unfolds in real-time. Created alongside actor/producer/director Seth Green and his Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Replicant X is sure to be a catalyst for how storytelling is approached in web3, and how creators interact with their fans across all genres and forms of media.


Twitter: @DominionX_NFT


ABOUT Steve A0ki

Steve Aoki, a 2x-Grammy-nominated music producer and artist, has nearly 4 billion streams and a monthly reach of 77 million across all his platforms. He is also a fashion designer, entrepreneur and NFT visionary. Dim Mak Records founder and DJ/Producer Aoki holds the record for the Most Traveled Artist in a Single Calendar Year. He has been called “one of the most in demand entertainers in the world” by Billboard. His NFT collaborations have generated over $4 million, with the launch his first NFT series, Dream Catcher. Aoki also co-created Dominion X’s first blockchain-based episodic series. He also partnered up with Sotheby’s for their Contemporary Curated series. And, he recently partnered up with Todd McFarlane, a comic book legend, to create OddKey. This NFT marketplace uses the Solana blockchain to allow comic artists to showcase and sell original digital art. Aoki recently created A0K1VERSE which is an NFT membership community powered by the Passport that welcomes both virtual and real-world experience to his fans. Aoki provides a safe space for those who are most in need.

Twitter: @SteveAoki

Instagram: @SteveAoki

ABOUT Shibuya

Shibuya, a revolutionary web3 content studio and creator portal, is changing the game. Shibuya uses blockchain technology to distribute and monetize content, which is a departure from traditional streaming platforms. Shibuya is a platform that facilitates the creation and distribution of new drops and projects. This allows creators to make deep connections with their followers and build a loyal following, which can help drive the platform’s growth. Shibuya is a new model of content monetization. NFTs are a great business model. Shibuya uses web3 technology to fill the gap in the market. It’s committed to long-term change around how content is created, owned and consumed.

Twitter: @shibuyaxyz

ABOUT Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, an artist-friendly group that hosts some of the best talent in animation and entertainment, is Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Their ability to create unique visuals and tell character-driven stories with an uncanny, irreverent sense of humor is what they are known for. The Stoodio is home to the longest running stop-motion show on TV, the multi Emmy Award-winningChicken, as well as Crossing Swords on Hulu, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K., Ultra City Smiths on AMC, and several others. Stoopid Buddy’s “Builds” division is responsible for the Emmy Award-winning costumes in FOX’s Masked Singer. Their “Spots” team has produced commercials for clients that range from LEGO to Pepperidge Farms. Dominion X featuring Steve Aoki and Justin Roiland’s Gloop World are some of the upcoming projects. There is also a web3 documentary featuring NOUNS and series being developed with Nickelodeon and HBO Max, adult swimming, Disney and Hulu.

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