The Fabricant and Sevdaliza Drop a Provactive Wearable Collection

It’s an exciting week for the NFT fashion industry as the Web3 fashion house The Fabricant announced a new collection with Sevdaliza! Their new NFT drop titled XXories (to read “Accessories”) features digital items you can wear via AR. In fact, this is the first time a renowned artist has become the face of a digital-only NFT wearable drop. You can buy an NFT wearable starting February 16th, but before that, let’s get an insight:

Sevdaliza and The Fabricant join forces for a new AR-compatible NFT drop, XXories, which aims to celebrate the freedom of expression.

The Fabricant x Sevdaliza NFTs: What Should You Know?

XXories is the debut collaboration between Sevdaliza, an European electronic musician and artist – and the popular digital couture house The Fabricant. This drop is all about digital face wearables that you can enjoy via AR! From statement earrings to tear-shaped jewelry and imposing hair pieces, each item puts a spotlight on your face features.

In fact, these creations encourage everybody to unleash their inner self and let their creative spirit run wild. Sevdaliza, the face of the collection, is a great example of experimenting with your own desires and expressing them freely. The Irish-Dutch artist is best known for her unique style, both in terms of music and fashion.

Therefore, these collectibles come in five rarities ranked form Common to Legendary, each with different perks. As a XXories NFT holder, you can gain access to exclusive events, free future airdrops, AR filters, and more.

Overall, The Fabricant will drop 3,000 XXories NFTs via their official platform on February 16th. The pre-sale price is $95 per piece, and the public sale price will be revealed soon. The collection is part of The Fabricant’s latest project: WHOLELAND.

Sevdaliza supports The Fabricant’s latest NFT project, WHOLELAND, advising everybody to learn to “embrace their own shadow”.


The luxury digital fashion house describes WHOLELAND as “a digital fashion journey of self-discovery that unfolds across multiple chapters.” Accordingly, this new Web3 project will offer VIP fashion shows, limited-edition airdrops, and AR wearables to name a few.

Much like XXories, WHOLELAND invites users to embrace their darkest desires, take pride in their flaws, and celebrate their personalities. Of course, each XXories NFT holder will gain access to the new project’s community and its future launches.

“We’re thrilled to have Sevdaliza as the Icon for The Fabricant’s XXories collection,” said Amber Slooten, Co-founder at The Fabricant. “We’ve been inspired by her as an artist for a long time, and the uncompromising self expression she brings to everything she creates. It’s a spirit that’s in total alignment with our beliefs as a digital fashion house. Fearless exploration of identity beyond physical boundaries is what we enable in everyone who wears our pieces.”

What is The Fabricant?

Founded way back in 2018, The Fabriant is one of the leading Web3 couture houses. This community-first company aims to innovate the fashion industry by investing in digital apparel.

Their concept has become undoubtedly successful last year thanks to their collaborations. For example, The Fabricant launched the biggest digital fashion NFT collection with World of Women in June. Its list of partners also includes iconic brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, and their XXories collection with Sevdaliza is equally exciting.

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