The North Apes NFTs Mix South Park Vibes With Web3 Utility

If you’re looking for an interactive NFT collection with clever tokenomics, a growing community, and gamification, then North Apes is for you! Besides its unique PFP artwork, this new project aims to empower NFT holders, create a new economy, and develop innovative NFT-powered features. Its long-term goal? To get featured in the iconic South Park series!

The debut NFT collection drops on February 3rd; with so little time left, let’s find out all about this project ASAP!

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North Apes is the latest PFP NFT project ready to take over the market while growing a powerful community!

North Apes NFTs: What Should You Know?

At first glance, North Apes is a collection of 5,555 NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Ape comes with a unique personality thanks to their hand-illustrated traits. In terms of design, the collectibles are inspired by the iconic TV show South Park.

Take a closer look, though, and you’ll find that each collectible is in fact an interactive digital asset. Simply put, each NFT holder can access a unique profile to customize their Ape’s background, animations, foregrounds, and more. This feature is available on any NFT marketplace that supports interactive NFTs in general, including OpenSea.

This exciting collection drops on February 3rd on the official platform. The minting price will be 0.005 ETH per piece; in fact, whitelisted users can mint their own North Ape NFT for free!

Once you become an NFT holder, the real fun begins:

Each digital collectible features hand-illustrated traits, unique facial expressions, and the iconic South Park aesthetics.

What Are Your Perks as an NFT Holder?

As a community-first project, North Apes aims to reward holders in every way possible. Here are the main examples:

  • Discounts: Holders can get discounts of up to 100% when buying the project’s cryptocurrency North Coin; the more North Ape NFTs you hold, the higher the discount;
  • Gamification: Members of the North Ape Discord community can play games, such as finding bananas to feed their apes, and collect points; of course, the winners always get special prizes!
  • Staking: 75% of sale fees are distributed to North Coin token stakers.

Of course, this project wouldn’t have been possible without a great team behind – so let’s meet them all!

The project roadmap includes aiming to get featured on the iconic TV show South Park.

Who are the project founders?

North Apes NFT collection comes from a team of four experienced Web3 developers, investors, and digital artists. Together, they aim to “ensure full transparency and communicate all furthe steps with the community.”

Of course, this is just the beginning. The project roadmap includes NFT and token trading competitions, North Coin marketing strategies to boost its value, and more surprises for holders. In the long run, the team hopes to have the North Ape NFTs featured by none other than South Park itself!

Seems exciting? If so, get ready to mint your own North Ape collectible on February 3rd on their official website. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord community for exclusive updates!

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