The Order of Ink NFT Project Overview

This project is a NFT-focused collective art project. It has 14 artists, each with a different style of tattoo and cultural influence. Digital tattoos are a topic that is being explored by the project. This concept can be integrated into Web3 in many interesting and bizarre ways.

When is the project due to launch?

February 22nd, 2023

How did the idea come about?

We love tattoo art. There are so many ways tattoos can be integrated into Web3. While digital tattoos offer the same freedom and expression as traditional tattoos, they are more flexible and can be adapted to different artistic styles. Although we’re still in the beginning, there are many ways you can wear your digital tattoos. Do they live on your PFP or on your avatar in a metaverse? They can be animated, full-color, and always changing. There are many options.

What makes this project stand out?

We are a collective of 14 artists who work together to create NFT projects that focus on art. Our artists hail from around the globe (Spain. Argentina. Germany. USA, Poland. France. Brazil. And more). They cover many tattoo styles as well as cultural influences. All of our art is non-generative and hand drawn. Artists working together is the best way for new artists to be introduced and helps them succeed. Our mint proceeds will go to support future web3 ventures of our artists to help them grow in web3.

What is the size of your team?

We are 7 strong and small people:

  • Sara on web3 Strategy and Marketing

  • Amit about art direction and artist management

  • B for community and socials

  • Cookie for partnerships and content
  • Ryan on smart contract and technology

  • Vlad on design and brand

  • Jules for admin and operations

What’s the price?

  • Tiered minting:

  • -The general presale price for is 0.08, and the public sale price for is 0.123

  • -1/1 The Presale Price is 0.4, and the Public Sale Price is 0.5

Is this price fair?

Each NFT is created by one of our 14 talented, trailblazing tattoo artists. It is non-generative and hand drawn. You also have access to our community as well as future digital tattoo art drops.

What’s the Mint Size?


What mechanics should we be aware of?

  • Tiered mint prices offer the possibility to gamble with the blind mint, and the possibility of securing a 1/1 if desired by the minter.

  • Miners can choose the artists they wish to mint until artist’s NFTs run

  • 8 Super Rare Types, including hidden symbols, pair tattoos and other surprises

  • Legal rights granted by each NFT to only negotiate with the artist for creative use of the NFTs (I.E. physical tattoos, commercial usage, etc.).

Links to social, discord and other information

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