Tokenized Minigames: The Next Big Thing in NFTs?

Many believe that NFTs and gaming will combine to create a strong sector of interoperability. Although there are many Web3 gaming projects that have had varying degrees success, none have yet been able to reach mainstream adoption.

Is mainstream adoption what blockchain gaming should strive for? NFTs being mainstreamed is a noble goal, and it seems that this goal is more commonly accepted across the Web3. Who are the real beneficiaries of this success? Aren’t games designed to bring entertainment and enjoyment to their users?

Many people believe so, as evidenced by the recent increase in NFT minigames. Minigames are an easier alternative to traditional gaming ventures. They are designed for simplicity and provide enjoyment through simplicity. Although Dookey Dash, Yuga Labs’ immensely popular minigame, is leading this sector of the rapidly growing industry it is far from the only one trying to make minigames successful.

What is a minigame, you ask?

You’ve probably encountered a few minigames in your gaming adventures, whether you’re an avid RPG fan or just a casual gamer. Minigames are short-running and have simple mechanics. They can be found in other video games or as standalone games, much like the arcade gaming cabinets.

NFT minigames, or arcade games, don’t always follow strict guidelines. Minigames were once a part of larger games, such as Final Fantasy’s in-game puzzles. NFT minigames are unique and can be hosted on the blockchain or powered by NFTs.

Who is creating NFT minigames for children?

Dookey Dash, an endless runner-style game, has been gaining a lot of attention since its launch in January. is one such project., a new venture from Jordan Lyall’s Web3 innovation Studio Venture Punk and Animetas founder Cyberh49 is an interactive onchain art platform where top musicians drop exclusive collections NFTs. Cloud Poppers, Bryan Brinkman, a prominent Web3 creator, was Levels’ first platform release. It is a minigame that Bryan created in his colorful, cloud-themed style.

Cloud Poppers is a Dutch auction that released 100 editions of a unique, art-focused pixel-art game called Cloud Poppers. The Brinkman minigames collection is an example of on-chain innovation. However, it is much more in line with the above ethos of providing entertainment and a primary utility than trying to convert NFT tourists into purists. Lyall says that Levels is essentially about having fun.

“I try to have fun doing what I do.” Lyall spoke to nft today in an interview. Lyall, a DeFi veteran, switched to another direction when NFTs began to appear. He discovered that memes and creativity could be a great way to invent and have fun.

Venture Punk is a venture capitalist who says he wants to take risks with his projects. Levels was one of the first projects to be created by the studio. “The vision is for a decentralized arcade. He said that he hesitated to use the example because he doesn’t want me to sound competitive. However, [Levels] is supposed be like Art Blocks and Chuck E. Cheese having a baby.”

Levels is a top choice for fans of Brinkman’s fine art and those who are watching the steady rise of NFT minigames, but it also grows upon a niche market that has been created over the last few years through similar efforts. Before Levels, ArcadeNFT was the only one to offer simple NFT gaming experiences. and were also owners.


ArcadeNFT was released on August 13, 2021. It combines the appeal of retro arcade games and NFT tradeability. ArcadeNFT is a collection of interactive NFTs. It focuses on novel token mechanics as well as user experience. The project’s arcade games have the retro look and feel of old gaming cabinets, but are coded on the Ethereum blockchain. The project began with a single, simple, and playable pinball NFT. It has grown to include over 12,000 NFTs, seven unique games, and a wider range of other products.

METADRAGONZ. Credit: ArcadeNFT was launched via the now-defunct NFT platform Hic et Nunc on April 17, 2021. The series was created by an unknown artist and developer, who goes under the name of play. It consists of many NFTs that blur the lines between interactive art and minigame experiences.

Play might be inclined to identify their releases as interactive NFTs, perhaps similar to other collections such as TheDudes. However, it makes sense to classify many of their Pl4y projects as true minigames since their full-fledged NFT games unknown.exe is a step beyond ArcadeNFT or Levels. Pl4y, which is based on the Tezos blockchain and a variety of influential generative pieces created by an anonymous creator, seems to be the most robust and unique entry into the ever-growing NFT minigame market.

What’s next in NFT minigames technology?

There are many other NFT minigames that are being added to the blockchain. As the NFT space matures, more minigame projects will be created. Each adds a little bit to the market sector’s slowly growing merits and is getting increased exposure through the gaming charts on popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. But to reiterate, while AAA NFT games may still be taking the cake in Web3 gaming, hoping to cross the blockchain/mainstream barrier, projects in the minigame and arcade sphere seem to have set different priorities.

Lyall noted that interoperability, which is the ultimate goal of NFT gaming, is often described as “the holy grail” of NFT gaming. This means that assets can be purchased in one game but still used in other games. However, there are many obstacles before this becomes a reality. Lyall stated that there are many things we must do before this becomes a reality. Imagine if you could have a level in your favorite game, or a screen.

Lyall and Levels believe that this detailed and theoretical iteration, while some may consider it a lower level for a AAA title, is worth more attention. This is what minigames thrive upon. He said that blockchain technology will allow us to do things we never imagined possible. “At the end, we just want fun and to show what’s possible using this tech.

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