Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory teams with Mona to debut “Final Frontier”

Mona and Tom Sachs, a contemporary artist, have joined forces to create unique 3D worlds. These could range from whole planets to space station cabins. These worlds are a combination of ideas from different collections and metaverse exploration, to offer an interstellar experience. This project will be launched in Paris on February 24th. Justin Melillo, Matt Hoebel and the Tom Sachs team, are happy to talk with you about the journey, and invite you to be part of it.

Tom Sachs is a contemporary artist, known for his handmade sculptures. He has now launched the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory in partnership to NFT Studios. The new venture extends the physical world into the digital by creating a metaverse galaxy with 1,000 generative 3D realms and 10,000 Space Station Apartments powered by Monaverse. Participants will be able to explore the immersive worlds created in Monaverse and Sachs’ Final Frontier project at NFT Paris, February 24, and receive an NFC-chipped Identification Card. This card can transcend both the physical and digital realms. Monaverse’s experience combines exploration, world building, ownership, and world building through its technology, 3D world-building tools and software. This provides artists with creative freedom as well as a premium case study to create metaverse experiences.

The Final Frontier builds on the community foundation built with the Rocket and Mars Rock NFT collections. It delivers an entire galaxy. You can read the entire Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory transdimensional journey here. Mona and the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory team collaborated closely to create worlds that were completely unique. These could be anywhere from a whole planet to a stateroom on a Space Station. Each world takes concepts from different collections and metaverse exploration, and merges them to create a fully functioning galactic experience. The Final Frontier is a prime example of emerging technology elevating activations, thanks to Sachs’s vision and Mona’s metaverse worlds. The Mona platform’s largest activation to date is the Final Frontier.

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