TradFiLines NFT Project Overview

TLDR: TradFiLines 500 NFTs can only be traded during NYSE or Nasdaq trading hours. This is a significant development in the world NFTs. The project is in high demand, with over 327 ETH $538.781.55 in volume and 40% unique owners. Only 7% of the NFTs are listed. These NFTs have a floor price of.69420 Ethereum and there are offers at 2.2 WETH. This project is a great example of how NFTs can create innovative experiences. It is rapidly gaining popularity with investors, gamers, artists, and other investors.

About TradFiLines NFTs

The world of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), is evolving at an incredible pace. In December 2022, a new project was launched that created NFTs that are only available during NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and Nasdaq trading hours. These NFTs cannot be transferred on weekends. They can only be traded between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time each day.

This project’s NFTs are random generated and include stock charts, tickers, exchanges, and stock charts. This contract’s structure is what makes this idea so brilliant. NFTs cannot be traded outside of NYSE and Nasdaq trading hours. This is a world first for NFTs.

Each transfer of the NFT adds one candle to the stock charts and modifies the metadata. Stock charts can be rebuilt using an onchain function if the seeds are given. This ensures that NFTs are unique and cannot be duplicated.

NFT Innovation adds time-based selling

This project was not created by one person. He also drew inspiration from many other onchain projects like Chainfaces and Autoglyphs. BokkyPooBah also provided the time library to enable timestamp functionality. TradFiLines cannot be traded outside of NYSE and Nasdaq trading hours. This is why TradFiLines are currently sweeping the globe. This project is making waves in NFTs with today’s close price of.69420 ETH $1.143.80.

This is a great innovation in the world NFTs. This project demonstrates the potential of NFTs in creating innovative experiences. It also opens up new avenues and opportunities for investors, gamers, artists, and other stakeholders. This project will inspire others to explore NFTs’ endless possibilities and push the boundaries in this area.

Here are the creators’ tweets about the project

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