Upcoming Drops: February 6-12

Let’s face facts: The NFT space is very fast. A week in NFTs could be as fast as a month IRL, considering how quickly things can change.

We don’t mean to misunderstand — more people are better. It’s becoming more difficult to keep up with the latest launches and other happenings, due to the constant flow of amazing art and ideas.

We have compiled a weekly list with NFT drops that you won’t want miss. This week’s top NFT drops are listed below.

Faces of web3

Who? Rug Radio, Cory Van Lew

What is 20,000 PFP Non-Ferrous Transmissions

Time: February 6, @ time TBA

Where? TBA via Rug Radio Twitter

Why? The decentralized media company Rug Radio is entering the world of PFPs. Its anticipated large-scale collection, “Faces of Web3,” will be a first for the industry. Farokh is a prominent builder and collector who has made Rug Radio a significant player in the digitally native content market over the past year. For this latest venture, it has teamed up to Cory Van Lew, a well-known Web3 artist.

Crypto Art Monograph #2

Crypto Art Monograph #2 teaser. Source: The NFT Magazine

Who? Joshua Davis, The NFT Magazine

What is Two Open Editions?

When: February 6, @ 6:30 p.m. ET

Where is Nifty Gateway

Why? Ronnie K. Pirovino, an internationally renowned curator, has selected Joshua Davis (Praystation), multidisciplinary artist for an exclusive drop at Nifty Gateway. Two NFTs will be featured in the Monograph drop. Each NFT speaks to TheNFT Mag‘s efforts to “timestamp” the evolution of crypto-art over time.

The King’s Alpha

Who: Spottie WiFi

What is Open Edition music NFTs

When: February 7, 2005 at 5 p.m. ET

Where: Sound.xyz

Why? Spottie WiFi, a well-known Web3 music artist returns to Sound with a new single called “The King’s Alpha”. This song features Snoop Dogg as the lead vocalist and continues to build on the sonic landscape Spottie created since his debut album, “I’m Spottie.”

PleasrHouse Charity Auction

Doge on a Couch. Source: PleasrDAO

PleasrDAO: Who?

What? Open Edition and Auction

When: February 7, @ 8:30 p.m. ET

Where: Pleasr.House

Why? PleasrDAO invited Atsuko Sato (the Shiba Inu from the historical Doge memes) and her dog Kabosu to the second episode. They will be helping to curate a charity auction. The PleasrHouse will host a rare live streaming of Sato and the 17-year-old dog who have been diagnosed with leukemia, liver disease, and the opportunity to auction the original couch featured in the 2010 Doge photos. All proceeds will go to Save The Children.


Who: Grams, presented by Bryan Brinkman

What is Ranked Auction and Editions?

When: February 8, @ 7 p.m. ET

Where is Nifty Gateway

Why? Sukina is a collection that represents the origin, journey and ethos for the self-described digital fabricator grams. Bryan Brinkman, an art veteran, presents the collection. It includes a ranked auction and a limited edition. Each piece visually communicates a unique aspect of grams’ identity.


Nick Kuchar created the artwork for the plane. Source: Strangers

Who: Nick Kuchar & Co.

What is 6,500 NFTs PFP

When: February 9, at 1 p.m. ET

Where is OpenSea

Why? Nick Kuchar’s vintage-inspired surf art and travel style have been featured by iconic brands such as Hurley, Patagonia and Hawaiian Airlines over the years. Kuchar is now launching a large-scale PFP Collection centered on photography and world travel.

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