Upland and Decentraland are bringing the Brazilian Carnival to the Metaverse 

In a partnership between Decentraland and Upland, the Brazilian Carnival, which is one of the most spectacular festivals in the world, will be made its debut in the metaverse. The Carnival will be held between February 17th and 25th, this year. Thousands of metaverse visitors around the world will have the chance to see the highlights at the venues in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

The lines between real and virtual worlds are blurring

This milestone is crucial in Web3 history because it brings us closer to a world where physical and virtual worlds can co-exist. Dirk Lueth, Upland’s co-CEO and co-founder, commented that this partnership was an early example for the future where interoperability among worlds and metaverses fosters enrichment in a user’s digital life. Carnival and other major cultural events are a great example of how we can continue exploring this future.

Upland is a metaverse platform that maps to the real world. It allows users to create experiences that are inspired by physical places like San Francisco or New York. For example, they can create shops or become digital landowners. This feature will be key in the Brazilian Carnival premiere. Upland has added several festival locations to its map.

Ney Neto is Upland’s Latin America leader. He stated that “The Carnival doesn’t have borders, nor the metaverse.” Upland recently launched its APIs to consolidate its position as the metaverse’s super-app. This allows users, brands, and partners to build their experiences on the Upland map. This collaboration between Upland & Decentraland is an important step for web3 enthusiasts and builders.


What’s in it for metaverse visitors?

The Carnival agenda can be viewed here. Brazilian Carnival metaverse presentations include shows in Salvador street carnival, schools, and parties throughout Brazil.

Upland will also feature shows from Mangueira, the country’s most renowned samba school. Visitors will be able to buy carnival costumes during the presentation. Visitors will also be able participate in an immersive experience at Upland’s mapped location of Palace of Samba. The Upland map will show a Mangueira neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival’s metaverse visitors will get a behind-the scenes experience with school members in a three-dimensional replica of Mangueira’s samba sanctuary. This includes the Queen of Drums session. The experience will provide guests with information about the school and allow them to get a taste of samba with their avatars.

Live broadcasts will also be available. One of these is the Float Cart Fissura’s live show with Band Filhos de Jorge, DJs DH8 & Clara Cady. It will take place in Salvador. Miles, the Upland metaverse’s Mascot, will accompany Carnival party participants, otherwise known as “folioes”, during these shows. Upland NFT holders can unlock token-gated experiences to the shows.

Decentraland will host Carnival Parties with Influencers

Decentraland, the well-known metaverse, will host parties exclusively for the Brazilian Carnival. Guests can dance with their avatars and dress up in Carnival costumes.

Mangueira will be hosting a special location in the Decentraland that allows guests to view the photographs from the twenty titles the famous school of samba won. Tang Poko and Nina Verso, digital influencers, will be joining the Decentraland Carnival parties, and spending time with guests at the Dollhouse party venue.

About Upland

Upland, a Silicon Valley-based Web3 company, maps real-world locations into its metaverse. It empowers communities to create immersive experiences, while also benefiting from the built-in economies and providing value for other participants. Upland is available for iOS, Android and the Web.

It also has hubs in Las Vegas and Ukraine. Built In SF named it one of the “22 San Francisco Startups to Watch in 2022” and among Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech in 2021. Upland is committed towards being carbon neutral. You can read more about Upland’s sustainability commitment here.


Decentraland, a virtual world built around the Ethereum blockchain, allows users to buy digital real estate in NFTs. Decentraland’s economy revolves around MANA, its native currency. Since February 2020, the company is open to the public and is managed by the nonprofit Decentraland Foundation.

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