Web3 Gaming Platform ‘Fractal’ Expands Onto The Polygon Network

The Fractal expansion onto the Polygon Network is an important development in Web3 Gaming. Fractal, founded in 2021 by Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan, provides the infrastructure for companies to easily create blockchain-enabled games. These services, such as built-in wallets and SDKs, will now be available to Polygon’s expansive network of builders.

Fractal is expanding onto the Polygon Network. Credit: Decrypt.

What is the Fractal Expansion?

The deal between Fractal and Polygon is a significant one for the right reason: technology. With Fractal’s F Studio, the gaming platform provides its own launchpad, NFT marketplace, tournaments, and developer SDK. These services will now be available on Polygon so that developers can create all kinds of new interactions for their audiences. What’s more, Polygon Ventures has taken a stake in Fractal, which is a good sign that these features will continue to grow.

Fractal’s F Studio will provide new tech to Polygon developers. Credit: BeyondGames.biz.

What Changes Will Players Notice?

Players will notice significant improvements to their gameplay. First, Fractal plans to work with 30 of the top Polygon games to launch tournaments and other contests to drive novel experiences for players. Additionally, with the increased access to tools, it’s expected that creating games on the Polygon Network will become more accessible. This means more games for players to choose from, a change that should be most noticeable for those always looking for a new game.

The polygon insignia is featured against a purple background.
Players can expect to see more titles and better gameplay from the Fractal Expansion. Credit: NFTgators.

What Does This Mean for Web3?

The partnership between Fractal and Polygon is an important one, as the Web3 Gaming space heats up a little bit. Fractal’s F Studio should bring supercharge technology to Polygon’s developers, while Polygon will be able to provide the reach and resources for Fractal to continue to grow. Overall, it appears the player experience will also improve with smoother gameplay, more integrated experiences, and more titles to choose from. We love to see it.

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