WeTransfer Teams Up With Minima To Empower Creators Through NFTs

WeTransfer, file-sharing platform, has teamed up with Minima to empower creators using NFTs. Minima will be able to distribute the non-fungible tokens in Minima’s network. It will go live next month, and be available in 180 countries.

According to a press release, the initiative gives creators rights management of their digital property. The platform allows users to create NFTs using their smartphones and other devices. They will also be able control who and how they share their digital assets as well as the tools they use to monetize these tokens.

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WeTransfer and Minima Share a Common Vision

Both companies share a common vision and formed the partnership. Both companies share a common vision and aim to foster innovation and creativity, while connecting users quickly without compromising privacy.

WeTransfer’s Chief Creative Officer Damian Bradfield is thrilled about this partnership. Minima’s protocol is similar to WeTransfer, which is why they chose Minima. It was also a huge plus that users could share data without the need of intermediaries.

Minima will allow users to generate revenue from digital assets and get revenue whenever they are used.

Minima CEO Hugo Feiler is also enthusiastic about the partnership. Minima CEO Hugo Feiler is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. Feiler noted that the protocol will support “the advancement and acceleration of creativity within the digital age where individuals retain control and ownership of their work.”

Minima was founded in 2018. Minima has been around since 2018.

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