Yuga Gives Otherside Metaverse Update

Yuga Labs is the most prominent NFT development platform. This announcement will be a shock to the NFT community. The creation of the first utility-based metaverse, Otherside has been revealed by Yuga Labs. It is built on Unreal Engine. This is a great glimpse into the future for NFTs as well as the potential for virtual realms.

You are about to enter the first utility-based metaverse, Otherside. Unreal Engine is a revolutionary tool in the world NFTs.

Voyagers, December saw your first glimpse at an Otherdeed environment in-game, captured in Unreal Engine. The response was overwhelming positive so Otherside is following up with a behind the scenes look at the design process of Otherside environments.

Otherside understands that Voyagers view the world as dynamic, vast, and otherworldly. Each Otherdeed can be considered a sanctuary where the owner can build and roam as they wish. The design system ensures that All Otherdeeds within the same Tier are roughly equal in size and layout. However, there is a chance for differences in resources, sediments and artifacts.

For example, the Bone environment was built with the idea of islands made from the remains ancient giants who once roamed Otherside. This idea allowed the team to think outside of the box, which led to a key frame that sets a tone for the whole world.

Otherside was brought to life by fine-tuning, shading and lighting in Unreal. This is just the beginning. The metaverse includes 28 additional environments, each one with its own story. Keep your eyes peeled for new concepts, gameplay and content, as well as a peek at the Jungle environment.

Explore the strange and wonderful Otherside world, where there are endless possibilities.

The first NFT CULTURE post, Yuga Gives Otherside Metaverse Update, was published on January 25, 2009.

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