Yuga is in the dog house

Yuga engaged a freelancer to design the BAKC logo. This caused outrage.

The world of NFTs is in turmoil as Yuga Labs (creator of the Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs) is accused of copyright infringement. Twitter user @Jdotcolombo noticed striking similarities between the BAKC logo design and one created by Easy Drawing Guides back in April 2021. Easy Drawing Guides quickly claimed intellectual property rights to the image, declaring that it was their original drawing and was protected by their terms.

This has led to heated discussions about intellectual property rights in NFTs. The NFT’s logo, the BAKC logo, is an integral part. Its alleged similarity with the Easy Drawing Guides’ design raises doubts about the authenticity and originality of the NFTs.

Greg Solano of Yuga Labs, who uses the Twitter handle @CryptoGarga, addressed the issue. He stated in a series tweets that the situation was “new to us” and Yuga Labs was looking into the matter. He also disclosed that Yuga Labs had employed a freelancer to design the BAKC logo. This may have contributed to the alleged copyright infringement.

The Kennel Club donated over $1m to charity

Although the allegations of copyright infringement are grave, Yuga Labs responded quickly and is currently working to rectify the situation. Solano tweeted that they would be updating the logo on their website and asking marketplaces for changes. He stressed that the BAKC NFTs were intended to raise money for charity, and that he was proud that they had raised more than $1 million for animal charities.

The controversy over the BAKC NFT logo shows how important intellectual property rights are in the world NFTs. Yuga Labs made a mistake but it is admirable that they have taken responsibility and are working to correct it. NFT members will closely monitor the situation to determine how it is resolved and what this means for future NFTs.

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