Yuga Labs Announces the 6 next steps

On their official website, Yuga Labs teased the next series of events for the Trial of Jimmy. This announcement revealed that four new events are in the works: Licking the Toad: Get Trippy; Mech Types Reveal Information, It Came Through The Rift: Evo1 Reveal and Journey to EVO2: Time to Play. Each event will begin in late February or early May. Important to remember that Sewer Pass holders cannot secure their score after February 8.

Most notable is the length of validation. It seems that the team is opting to validate scores once the game has ended. This means that any cheater will have their score reset and won’t be eligible for the rewards of fair play. There have been many speculations about this, including the possibility that the “licking the toad” event is related to Gremplin Project Cryptoadz, which was previously shown in a trailer for “the Otherside.” Questions also remain about Yuga Labs’ possible acquisition or partnership. The excitement surrounding the ecosystem has increased with the upcoming unveiling of new Mech Types.

NFT CULTURE – Yuga Labs Announces 6 Next Steps

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